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When you purchase an online degree from us, we guarantee that your diploma comes from physically existing, accredited colleges or universities. But what exactly is Academic Accreditation and why is it so important?

Technically speaking, Academic Accreditation can refer to both a process and a condition. As a process, accreditation refers to the assessment of the quality of an educational institution by governmental organizations or by non-profit organizations (depending on the state).When we say that an institution is accredited, we mean that the respective college or university has successfully undergone the assessment mentioned above and has therefore fulfilled the commitment to educational quality. In other words, accreditation provides assurance to both the public and potential students that an educational institution meets the high quality standards established by the assessor, in accordance to the demands of the profession for which the program prepares its learners. Academic Accreditation can be institutional, which evaluates the overall quality of an institution, or specialized (programmatic), which evaluates an individual program of study (for example, applied science or engineering).

So how does a college or university get accredited? Like we mentioned above, both the process and the evaluator differs according to the state you’re in. However, there are a few basic steps involved in the accreditation process, more or less common throughout the globe.

For instance, the time it takes for an institution to get accredited usually ranges from 12 to 18 months, from request to the final decision. In order to start the process, an institution has to petition a request for accreditation to one of the recognized evaluators. Then, the college or university must put together an Assessment Plan and a Self-Study Report by collecting relevant data regarding various points such as their objectives and implementation, the outcomes of their students, the staff, the adequacy of the facilities and the strategies applied in order to improve. This step is usually followed by an on-site visit, which means that evaluating specialists spend anywhere between 1 to 2 months visiting the institution and assessing the key points previously mentioned.

Once they have collected all the necessary data, the evaluators put together a draft statement for the institution. The college or university is then provided with a limited amount of time to resolve any shortcomings the team might have identified during the on-site visits. Finally, the evaluating team presents their findings to the commission in charge and a final statement (which mentions whether or not the institution will receive accreditation) is issued. Bear in mind that the accreditation thus obtained is not permanent and this entire process must be reiterated at regular intervals of time.

You might be wondering why this entire process matters to you. It’s simple – in a world full of promising educational institutions, accreditation is value. It shows the world, your friends and, most importantly, your employer that your diploma comes from a college or university that takes itself seriously and that provides a high standard of education. More specifically, it shows that you are ready to enter your profession and to perform it proficiently.


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