Honorary Doctorate Degree

Best online degrees for growing careers

Why an honorary doctorate degree?

This award started in the 1400s which allow an academic institution to honor individuals who have great achievements that create positive change in the society. Getting this award is a prestige and this is only given to individuals who have reached the highest standards of the school.

Also called as honaris causa, this degree can be given to people with no connection to the school, no formal higher education, or even no prior doctorate degree. In short, this is a very special award. To get an honorary doctorate, buy online degree

Are you considering online learning to help you earn your degree? You’re not alone. Nowadays, most people opt for nontraditional education to land interviews or stay competitive in the job market, while maintaining a flexible schedule. However, it’s equally important to learn the ropes when it comes to knowing which courses you should be taking online and what diplomas can serve as an asset and a solid foundation for your career. Here are some of the best in-demand online degrees.

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

According to the Department of Labor, employment of financial analysts is estimated to grow by 16 percent in the next 8 years. A program in this field of study generally implies learning how to create budgets, evaluate the performance of bonds and stocks and design action plans based on financial analysis for organizations. A BA in finance opens up possibilities in competitive areas such as brokerage, commercial banking, corporate finance and investment management. Many financial analysts become senior or associates within only three to four years.

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

It comes as no surprise that this degree is in such great demand in today’s technology oriented market. If you’re a computer whiz, eager to discover every new and complicated gizmo out there, then you’re in luck! You should consider earning a degree in IT as one of the best thing you can do for your both personal and professional life, as you benefit from a sturdy means of perfecting your knowledge and a job that pays you to do what you love.

Master’s Degree in Project Management

The 2012 median salary for Project Managers is $85,000 and over $100,000 for a Senior Project Manager. The reason why this diploma can be a step up in your career is its versatility – project management is required in almost every business area. This means you won’t have to worry about finding a job for too long and you have a greater variety of options when it comes to changing your workplace.So why is a BA not enough? While it’s a good step in the right direction, a Bachelor’s degree limits the full potential that this line of work has to offer. For example, a person that has a BA in a specific field combined with a Master’s degree in project management is often sought out for operations involving business, computer information systems and engineering. In other words, expertise and solid educational background in marketing can bring about professional opportunities and pay checks you don’t want to pass on.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

This diploma is becoming increasingly popular and was ranked as the leading online field for Bachelor’s Degree enrollment in 2009. Even George W. Bush has one! According to the U.S. Department of Labor, survey researchers and personal financial advisors, two of the fastest-growing career opportunities require a BA in Business Administration. Linked to accounting, economics and marketing, a degree in this business area provides advantages in all trades and fields of specialization.

Master’s Degree in Marketing

A diploma in Marketing provides myriad job positions, from the typical consultant and coordinator to the less conventional roles in media officers or public relations, and offers some of the most ambitious career prospects, from director and executive to manager and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The 2011 median salary for Marketing Managers is over $100,000 and the employment growth rate for Market Research Analysts between 2010 and 2020 is estimated at 41%. One of the best perks of this field is that it is undoubtedly a job of the future. Due to the growing trends of using mobile marketing and big data, there are many practices in the upcoming future of marketing that might interest you, like Content Archivist, Creative Technologist or Community Management Executive.


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