Does a Master’s degree make you any more employable

What is a fellowship?

A fellowship is a scholarship given to individuals with graduate or post-graduate degrees. Usually, a person who is given a fellowship enjoys a stipend just to finish the training in a specialized filed.

Fellowships are offered to different fields such as:

  • Accounting
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Research
  • Sciences

Why a fellowship?

Getting a fellowship is an honor because this is an indication that you have the best qualifications and skills suited for a certain field. Once you are qualified, you again undergo trainings to enhance and enrich that skill for your advancement and also for the improvement of your community or university.

Buy degrees online such as fellowship. Fellowship is very important especially among people who want to upgrade their resumes. This can be an impressive addition to your qualifications and the start of a successful career. Added to that, a fellowship is also one way to gain respect of your colleagues since you become an eligible professional in your specialized field.

Does a Master’s degree make you any more employable

Does a Master’s degree make you any more employable
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Does a Master’s degree make you any more employable  

Statistics show that more and more graduating students today tend to immediately enlist in post-graduate programs such as Master’s degree, in the hope that this will improve their employment opportunities in the long run. Are they right? Apparently so, as studies point to the fact that people with one or more MAs have a lower unemployment rate, as well as more access to better paid positions when compared to those owning only a BA.

Qualifications are becoming incredibly important in today’s job market, as an ever increasing number of employers and large companies ask for a completed higher education program as a minimum requirement. Without a BA, you can hardly hope to be considered for a satisfactory, well-paid position. If you already own a BA degree, then you should think about the fact that most of the other applicants do too. In this situation, one or more MAs can really make you stand out of the crowd, therefore increasing your chances to get hired.

Indeed, Master’s degrees are widely recognized as a reliable method to further specialize in an area or, in other words, to learn more about a profession. Naturally, an employer will prefer to hire someone with more in-depth knowledge about the industry, especially if this qualification is accompanied by minimal working experience accumulated through internships or voluntary work. The diploma alone will not make you more employable, but Master’s studies give you the opportunity to explore the industry, make connections and gather experience in your line of work. Overall, this means that you will surely have better chances when applying for a job.

Another reason why a Master’s degree makes you more employable is the fact that you can use it as a means to re-specialize. You don’t necessarily have to take your MA in the same field as your earlier studies and, ultimately, this gives you access to a wider variety of jobs. You can choose to take your MA in a completely different domain, which means that you can apply for jobs in two different industries. On the other hand, you can enlist in one or more MA programs loosely related to your BA, which will make you a valuable asset within a company thanks to your versatility and adjacent skills. This option is something worth considering when you want to obtain a promotion as well.

So does a Master’s degree make you any more employable? Yes, it does, provided that you use it wisely. Whether it’s because an MA demonstrates that you are more knowledgeable about a profession, because it makes you stand out of the crowd or because it certifies adjacent skills and versatility, employers will most likely be impressed by it. Just remember that it makes a great difference what you do during your studies for an MA. If you want a sure shot at a good job, you should make sure that your qualifications are tightly joined in with your work experience.

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