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There is an ever increasing number of famous and well regarded personalities that have attained their dream career status by using fake degrees. The advantages of employing a phony certificate are countless, ranging from immense time and money savings to the improvement of one’s social status, as well as better life standards. Below is a list of people that have literally made millions by upgrading their resumes with fake diplomas.

Scott Thompson’s story is one of the most successful ones, as the businessman managed to become president of one of PayPal’s subsidiaries, prior to which he occupied the Executive Vice President of Technology Solutions for a Visa subsidiary. His expertise in the business domain wasn’t dictated by the name of the institution on his degree, reason for which he was the winner of the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Jeffrey Papows’s know-how didn’t interfere at all with his professional career, as he managed to become the president of an IBM software subsidiary. Although he used a fake degree on his CV and lied about his qualifications, Jeffrey’s skills secured him the top position in the Lotus Development unit.This only shows that going to a college and getting a traditional degree is not a must in building a brilliant career.

In 1998, Jack Grubman was the best paid Wall Street analyst, earning more than $20 million dollars per year. He declared that he lied on his resume in order to improve his employment opportunities back when he was younger and it paid off. In ten years, he managed to acquire a net wealth of $100 million dollars and, although he never went to MIT like his CV said, today he is the co-founder of one of the biggest consulting companies for telecom and technology purposes.

Adam B. Wheeler’s case is renowned for his ability to create transcripts, recommendations and fake degrees in order to get into Harvard University. Because of his proficiency, people skills and knowledge, Adam managed to fake a transfer to Harvard from the Massachusetts Institution of Technology and get to the third year. He was exposed in his last year of BA when he attempted to apply for a Fulbright scholarship. Nonetheless, if Adam were to have employed more caution, he would now have an Ivy League education with less to no effort at all.

Similarly, the American Pentagon official Charles Abell, occupying the position of Assistant Secretary of Defense, had an MA on his resume from a diploma mill from Louisiana. Neither higher education certificates from renowned Universities, nor his contacts were behind his success in the governmental institution. Rather, Charles managed to gain the respect and recognition of those around him by proving he’s a worthy addition and a pivotal character in the organizations he involved himself in.

All of these success stories serve only to prove how little your resume matters in your career track. Whether you have a BA and MA from Harvard or from a Louisiana institution, it won’t make much of a difference. What will get you further in your industryare your personal experience, work ethic and achievements, and if you feel insecure about the competition, you can always safely resort to an accredited fake degree. Unlike other cases of famous people getting caught using fake degrees, your accredited certificate cannot be contested.


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