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You’ve landed here on this page because you really give importance to academic degrees, but don’t have one for yourself because of any reason(s) whatsoever. The good news is that we’re here to help you to achieve that degree you totally deserve.

Unlike others, we will guide you in getting a real degree from a real accredited university based on a real thesis/dissertation submitted by you and verified by registered lawyers or notaries and one that is recognized by authoritative agencies and embassies around the globe.

Please read on to know more about making a dream of owning a precious degree a reality, without attending any college or university and that too, in a far lesser time than you could ever imagine. You are buying a degree from a real college when you’re buying a degree from us.

The Importance of Degrees

If you look around, you’ll find that men and women in their mid 20s are being enrolled by the biggest corporate giants, at higher positions with greater annual remuneration packages and multiple personal allowances. Why?

The reason is, because—they’ve got a degree which throws off a scintillating impression on their employers’ minds that the said degree holder has already specialized himself or herself on the concerned subject, before taking a step in the real professional world.

While you, after gathering an immense amount of real life experience, are still waiting for a measly raise in your salary.

We don’t think that we really need to inform you anymore on the importance of degrees, yet we’ll do so, just to jar your memory and make your thinking accept the reality of why holding a degree in your hands is far more important than not holding one. You will also learn why it is so important these days to buy a college degree from an accredited college.

“But…Most Wealthy People Don’t Have Degrees”


At this point, you might put across a frequently heard argument that: most successful and wealthy people never went to school or don’t possess the required degrees of their field. Well, that is absolutely true and we support your argument by providing you with even more statistics that, only 1% of the world’s population fall under that category. Think maturely, practically and then answer yourself honestly: how much percentage of chance do you think you have to become the next Carnegie, Edison, Ford, Woolworth, Gates, et.al.

Please don’t take our words in a negative sense, as we don’t mean to discourage you in any way, but rather, make you think honestly and practically on the importance of obtaining a real degree from real universities—whose authoritativeness are backed by more than a century of history—without having to pay those colossal tuition fees or to meet that obligatory quorum attendance at the campus.


Degrees We Offer

Let us now come to the main thing that we offer—degrees. If you’re confused about which degree to choose or which area should you major in, then we’ve got a pretty big list for you. Provided below, are the various degrees that we can help you obtain in over 500 Majors across USA, UK and Australia.

  1.  Associate Degree – is an undergraduate academic degree awarded upon completion of a course of study lasting at least two years in duration. It is considered to be a greater level of education than a high school diploma but less than a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Bachelors Degree – is the standard for entering into professional careers with demanding respect and salary. Also known as Baccalaureate Degree, this degree has been historically associated with “college graduates” since the inception of universities.
  3. Master’s Degree – is a post bachelor academic degree awarded upon completion of a course of study, showcasing mastery over a specific arena of a subject or an area of professional practice.
  4. Doctorate Degree – is the highest degree any university can award you with. It signifies that you have mastered the details of a subject to such an extent that you can now be considered as an authority to teach your subject to the new entrants at universities.

Apart from the four degrees mentioned above, we also help our clients to further their achievements with an Honorary Doctorate, Professorship, Honorary Professorship, Higher Diploma and Fellowship recognition. If you want to buy a college degree from a regionally accredited college, then we can provide that as well.

Related Offerings

Your university degree is not complete without the proper supporting documents that are required by law to deem you as a real university graduate. We offer a complete package of supporting documents to make your degree appear valid in front of any authority, anywhere in the world. We support your degree’s authenticity by providing you with the following original documents:

  • Transcripts
  • Sealed Transcripts
  • Student Records
  • University Library Card ID
  • Offer Letter
  • Reference Letter
  • Appreciation Letter
  • Internship Letter (from University and Company)
  • Diploma Folder
  • Student ID Card
  • University Alumni Card
  • Student Union Card
  • Graduation Letter
  • Apostille
  • Notarization & Embassy Legalization

All your supporting documents will be printed in official university letterhead and envelope, with official stamp and signature.

Along with your degree and its relevant supporting documents, we also offer you as an option, a graduation gown, a graduation cap and a graduation hood (for a nominal fee), to finally mark that feeling of being a real university graduate.

Accredited Universities

Now you might be thinking that degrees, supporting documents, graduation gowns, caps and hoods, all sound nice but what about the universities. Eventually, people blow their horns based on their participation in a particular university, and the better the university, the louder the blowing of horns.

We are proud to announce here that all of our universities are nationally and internationally accredited and well established in English speaking countries like USA, UK and Australia, with over a hundred years of history. They are also accredited by the respective organizations of any chosen major. All of our universities have physical campuses, but you don’t need to be physically present there to obtain your degree from them.


According to Wikipedia, “A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings.”

A thesis/dissertation document is written by the student and approved by the university committee. Its size varies from containing 200 pages for Bachelors Degree, 300-400 pages for Master’s Degree and up to 500 pages for a PhD degree. It serves as a very important document while seeking employment, as it reflects your specialized knowledge in an area of a subject. It represents the hard work that you had put in to earn your degree.

We offer a thesis/dissertation service as well, apart from providing degrees, its supporting documents and graduation attires. In this service, we offer having a thesis written for you by PhDs, experts or professors of your chosen Major. If you already have your thesis written, then we can bind it in an official university leather cover, with your details—like: name, university, major, thesis title; etc—gold stamped. Two copies of your thesis will be published and signed by the university professors and committee. One copy will be sent to you while the other will be kept in the university library. Please note that theses cannot be ordered without a degree.

Business people discussing in a meeting


The degrees and the supporting documents that we offer are completely legalized. Legalization is the process where judicial bodies verify your documents by checking its authenticity. Once these officers are satisfied that the obtainment of your degree and its relevant documents were carried out legally, they put their notary stamp to tell other officials that a verification test has been passed. Legalization adds authority to the authenticity of your degrees and documents, especially if you are going to a non-English speaking country.

We have lawyers in different countries, who will legalize your degree by confirming with your government ID and credentials and then further verify with the university. We even have the notaries public and embassies to perform the legalization process for you.

Apart from lawyers, notaries public and embassies, we also provide a special government legalization called “Apostille”.

Employment Opportunities

Can you imagine the opportunities that will open up in front of you when you will buy a college degree from us? If you haven’t imagined it as yet, then ponder on the following:

  1. You can demand and negotiate your way into a higher salary package than what most are settling for.
  2. The chief officers would love to put you in higher positions where you shall be trusted with the given responsibilities.
  3. You will impress your friends and family in such a way that they’d promote you in their network proudly displaying their personal connection with you (just because you now have a degree).
  4. Obtain greater respect in your community.
  5. Never feel timid again while asking for a substantial raise or a higher position.

We’ve just provided you with a snapshot. Please go and ask a real university graduate, the kind of honorable lifestyle he/she is living in public places and social gatherings.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We strongly abide by the customer satisfaction philosophy in our business. To achieve this, we have kept with us a highly trained staff that will cater to all your needs right from placing the order(s) to the delivery of the product(s) and managing the after sales. Our staff comprises of professors, legal advisors and administrators working in the faculties of various universities.

To deliver a valid degree, we include holograms, embossing, watermarks, and various passport-like printing. There are many other security provisions we offer that cannot be disclosed herein.

We have been operating for over twenty years via our offices in New York, London, Tokyo and Berlin. Our customer service operates 24×7 and we try to get back to our consumers’ concerns within 6–12 hours.


We’ve presented you with a lot of information to grasp in a single session; therefore kindly allow us to recapitulate what you will get when you buy a college degree package from us.

You can choose to buy from 9 types of degrees being offered (Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s; etc) in over 500 majors (Engineering, Law, Social Science; etc).

To make your degree more authoritative, you can buy transcripts, offer letter, reference letter, appreciation letter; etc from us.

Owning a degree without a graduation gown, cap and hood will look incomplete; therefore you can buy the entire graduation attire from us.

You can purchase the thesis/dissertation service from us wherein, we’ll hire PhDs, experts and professors of your concerned Major to write a solid thesis for you.

All your supporting documents will be printed in official university letterhead and envelope, with official stamp and signature.

All the documents will be legalized by a lawyer, notary public, embassy and the government.

Your pay scale will skyrocket and you can demand a raise without feeling shy.

Take jobs of higher positions with more responsibilities.

You are backed up by a “Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”. Should you find any quality lacking in our degrees then you can claim your refund instantly.

Your degrees will be validated with security features such as (but not limited to): holograms, embossing, watermarks, etc.

We provide your hard earned money with a backup of a university degree policy, an accreditation policy and a legalization policy.

We have more than 20 years of experience in this industry to deliver the exacting standards of our promises.

By now, we’re hoping that you must have realized that we’re not one of those fake degree providers whose degrees are manufactured digitally in a diploma mill. We’re 100% genuine and proudly claim that all our degrees are recognized, registered, legalized and verifiable.

Your Final Decision

Listen, it’s time to think practically again. You badly want a degree because you know you deserve it, yet at the same time you are stuck with your regular 9–5 job, you are paying your bills and somehow managing things out. Would you really spend an excess of $40k+ and 4 years in a college to get your degree? After graduation, you will have to stand in a queue or take special costly appointments of lawyers and notaries, just to legalize your documents. Instead, why not buy a degree from an accredited college with transcripts to save time.

With such a golden opportunity in front of you, please do not neglect it and act upon it as soon as possible. Buy a degree from us and step forward into a better life with more respect, more command, more authority, more money and better relationships. You certainly don’t want this opportunity to slip through your hands while you will just look by helplessly.

Order your complete degree package right now.